This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in the most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today.

Space Oddity, David Bowie

Render 2_Space Oddity

Our project is proposed as a fluid, dynamic space where spatial invention is the core.

Not only a space, but a Room. A place where you can stay, where the space is lived and the the man is the protagonist. This is the idea of Space Oddity.

The main elements is the wood, emphasised the different components.

The curtain, as light veil, is developing through the environment, wrapping rather than dividing it, creating always a new dialog. Its own transparency makes different layers of transparency, both of light and and space, creating more scenarios, openings and closure.


The curtain’s fluidity is taken up by the Zygia racemosa structure, wood essence with a yellow-brunette colour that, thanks to its particular veins, can amplify the sense of movement.

The project is quietly compared with the historical existing context and the different elements talk without adding each other.


The living area is characterized by the presence of the grid and it finished off the couch Ghost, which relates to the curtain retains the same fluid motion, and the Cinemà lamp, with adjustable diffuser crown the idea of mutability of space and light. Also the gold leaf inside look at the colour of the Zygia racemosa.

The steel grid, not a simple library, contains seating and boxes that you can use independently.

For us it was important to emphasize the wood, which is why we chose to use only interlocking connections for these two items, thus enhancing the essences. The dovetail interlocking sessions of Space Oddity is incredibly durable and makes sure that the parts subjected to stress over time do not separate. A tongue and groove on the box gives the spectacular cross-shaped faces.

The choice of the essences is oriented on Peltogyne spp. for seating and Picea abies for boxes.

Render 3_Space Oddity

The Peltogyne spp. with its purple colour goes well with the Zygia racemosa of which the rail is made of the curtain, it also may contain burnished streaks of crimson. As regards the box, it is preferred to use the Picea abies for its classic taste that reflects the project scenario.

If on one side, hung, the sessions are used in combination with the box or as shelves, to the ground it become real sitting that can be used and combined according to necessity, a connection between private and public spheres.

Render 4_Space Oddity

The kitchen is designed as a clean element, essential and discrete. Using a basic module for the division, we decided to use a regular grid that interfaces the other grid, the bookshelf, in front of it. The kitchen modules are covered in essence of Pyrus, a wood with a warm colour and Italian. Italians are also the chosen appliances.

For the doors opening system, we have used the magnetic push system. A small pressure allows to easily open doors and drawers, thus obtaining a clean and uniform surface.

The wood, used in a different way, is also on the kitchen top. The use of wooden formwork (60x60cm modular) it will allow the veins to impress on the white self-levelling mortar. The blocks are then finished with a layer of transparent epoxy resin and installed as designed


The central visual element of the project is the table in Pyrus. Everyone gathers around the table and the curtain embraces the table to preserve the intimacy of the moment. A touch of colour is present in the chairs and stools.


A project that revolves, or orbit, around the concept of movement of people and ideas. A space which is a Space Oddity.